Pear Lake Hut

Pear Lake cabin is available to the public from December to April (weather, snow and trail conditions may change closure date). The advanced level ski/snowshoe trail offers a chance to explore the beautiful wilderness of the Sierra Nevada mountains during the winter months with a cozy cabin waiting for you at the end of your day. Begin your trip at 7,200 feet at Wolverton and ascend a steep six miles east to the Pear Lake area of 9,200 feet. The hut sleeps ten people and offers many amenities to lighten your load. Advance reservations are required.

The trip to the hut is for experienced backcountry skiers under potentially dangerous, winter conditions. For your safety, it is advised that you review all information provided and be prepared for your trip. The hut is available from Dec. 16 through April 23, 2017.  Reservations are required. Registration (lottery) for 2017 Pear Lake Ski hut was held on Nov.1, 2016
Pear Lake Winter Hut
If you are planning to enter lottery for the next year make sure to apply before October 31st. Interested in checking our Lottery Reservation Form? You can download it here

In case you are not one of the lucky people to reserve the hut you may consider camping near the cabin. You could use the stove inside the cabin to prepare some of your meals and you will be close to other people. This way you will stay in the wilderness but feel safer since you are close to warm space. Sometimes there are no-shows and you can use this opportunity to squeeze yourself inside the hut.

Before starting your trip to the cabin make sure to bring complete winter camping gear and do not forget the ear plugs since cabin is a tight space and people do make a lot of noises when they sleep.

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