The trip to the hut is for experienced backcountry skiers under potentially dangerous, winter conditions. It should not be attempted by beginner skiers or snowshoers. The trail is steep and includes a 2,000 foot elevation gain in six miles. A fun outing with good snow conditions can easily turn into an eight or more hour ordeal with poor weather or bad snow. Low clouds and white-outs are common, which can make following the trail very difficult. Not everyone makes it to the cabin as planned. We recommend starting out on the trail as early as possible. It is essential that survival equipment be taken. For your safety, it is advised that you review the ski checklist provided and be prepared for your trip. All equipment should be in excellent condition and all winter backcountry users should be familiar with proper avalanche techniques. Avalanche conditions exist at all times on the trail to Pear Lake. Users are ultimately responsible for assessing the dangers and determining if you should proceed on you trip or cancel it. Hut visitors travel to the hut and use the facility at their own risk. A refund will not be issued because of a winter storm. Please review the cancellation policy if needed. Also, it is important that you fill out a wilderness permit at the Lodgepole Visitor Center so your travel plans are submitted to the National Park Service.

For more information of avalanche safety, please visit:


Regarding the potential for exposure to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) at Pear Lake Ski Hut: Mice are native rodents in the Sierra including the Pear Lake wilderness and Pear Lake Winter Hut. The Pear Lake Winter Hut will be cleaned according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines prior to opening up. The Sequoia Natural History Association will set traps and continue to use CDC cleaning procedures when mice or mice droppings are detected in the cabin, however SNHA cannot guarantee that the hut is HPS-free. There have never been any known human cases of HPS at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Prior to entering the Pear Lake WInter Hut lottery, all potential hut users will be advised of the risks and universal precautions. Those wishing not to be exposed to the potential of HPS may choose to not register for the ski hut.
To read information from the California Department of Public Health.



Those needing to depart the Wolverton parking area before the area has been plowed must use the following guidelines:

Use the public payphone near the brown buildings, proximate to the bathrooms and snow play area. Call park dispatch at 559.565.3195 to ask if the administration road lane is safe for travel. It is a single lane road. You must get clearance from dispatch before departure to ensure the road is clear at anytime- even at night. There may be a snow plow or other vehicle travelling. If dispatch asks for the payphone number it is 559.565.9908. There may not be a call back feature on the payphone, so do not rely on it. You may have to call dispatch again.