Winter Hut Notes (3/25/2015)

The trail from the Wolverton trail-head to the Hump is almost completely uncovered of snow.  I've taken down the sign that detours skiers off the Panther Gap portion of the trial;  It is far more efficient and less impacting to travel on the summer trail (as opposed to the established winter route).  Snow coverage from the Hump to the Cabin is scattered and variable.  If you are attempting to skin this section of the route, be prepared for many transitions from skinning to carrying your ski's and hiking. There is still over a mile and a half of snow to travel over to reach the cabin.  This snow can be deep at times and very hard to travel on depending on the temperatures and time of day (deep post-holing is still likely in the afternoons, and slippery icy conditions are still likely in the mornings and late afternoons).  If your not carrying in ski's, I recommend bringing snowshoes for traveling over the remaining snow fields.

The Winter Alta area is still covered with snow with plenty of good corn to still be skied.  However, walking/carrying ski's is required from the cabin to reach a ski-able area of snow.  Almost all of the south facing areas in the district are completely clear of snow.... The hiking/ scrabbling on these aspects is very good right now.  I've enjoyed many great days of adventuring around the district with approach shoes in the past couple weeks!

Looks like a warming trend will be settling over the area through the weekend.  It's gorgeous in the high country right now!  Spring is kicking into full effect.  We all know that this drought is weird and abnormal to say the least.  On the bright side, however....  when else would you be able to bask in spring Sierra conditions this early on in the season?

Spring Creek Flow Smiles,